Bracknell residents have said that the decision to force an elderly couple to tear down their garden fence is ‘ridiculous’ and ‘disgusting behaviour’.

Margaret Rose Hale, 72, moved into the Bullbrook Drive property in 2009 with her husband where she soon became a loyal part of the community.

After being threatened with a £1,000 fine, the pair removed the once coveted one-metre fence and were left with their once perfect garden unprotected from the elements and free to passing animals.

According to the council, the reason for removal was due to the ‘lack of formal planning permission’ when it was put up in front of the rented property.

After becoming aware of their plight, our readers took to social media to express their outrage.

Victoria Lampon complimented the homeowners on their lovely garden prior to the removal of the fence saying that they ‘take pride in their house’.

Sheilagh Davidson said: “Surely we can all do something to stop this. Disgusting behaviour by BFC [Bracknell Forest Council]. Whatever the “rules” are they need to be changed. They have made a lovely little home and they should be allowed to keep it!”

The notice was served by Bracknell Forest Council after one complaint by a member of the public was made about the fence which surrounded the house.

Michelle Hey, who also lives in the neighbourhood said: “These are the most lovely couple and I myself looked forward to walking past their house most days and admiring the beautiful garden always made me smile and a little fence/border that was doing no one any harm.

“Resident always helping the community and making his house better and is repaid with this.

“So the houses with rubble and rubbish and junk is ok but a beautiful garden with a border is not allowed - get a grip Silva homes I’ve seen the state of some of your houses if I were you I would be thanking the couple!!!!”

Margaret has confirmed with the News that Silva Homes employee Mark Goodman has been an “excellent help” during the dispute with the council.

A petition has been launched by people throughout the neighbourhood who believe that the garden fence should be reinstated.

So far this has been signed by 69 people.

After signing the petition, Jessica Jones said: “It’s doing no harm to anyone and their garden is so well kept. They’re a lovely couple and I think it means that someone’s made a complaint out of spite when they’ve had it for 4 years with no problems.”

The Bracknell News has contacted Bracknell Forest Council for comment.