Visitors and staff at Blackbushe Airport were taken by surprise this afternoon after a mother gave birth to their newborn baby in the car park of the private airfield.

The airport, located in Yateley, is classed as ‘London’s most efficient airport’ which hosts a variety of private flights and smaller aircrafts.

Following reports of a medical incident when ambulances were spotted, Blackbushe Airport confirmed on their social media that they welcomed a new born baby in the car park when Mum was unable to make it to the airport.

Their firefighter Jon was on hand to assist with the birth.

The social media post from Blackbushe Airport said: “Both mum and baby are doing well, we wish them all the best!”

People took to the comments section to congratulate Mum and baby.

Delia Herbert said: “Aww that's amazing. Congratulations to mum baby and Dad . Blackbushe Airport you are amazing, especially the Pathfinder Cafe and all their wonderful staff. Jon, you're a true Hero.”

Diane Fishlock added: “What an entrance - will no doubt be a future pilot. Congratulations to Mum and Dad and well done to all who helped.”

Recognition was also given to the airport firefighters for their assistance during the birth.