A Silva Homes leaseholder was left baffled after being charged hundreds of pounds for guttering repairs that left rain pouring “like a waterfall” from the top of his block of flats.

Residents of 69-77 Ullswater in Great Hollands, Bracknell, were told they’d have to pay £2,250 between them for unblocking and repairing their gutters.

Yet Kevin Foulger was left questioning exactly what he was paying for when the repairs left a big gap in the gutter. He says neighbours had been plagued with a loud “drumming” on their windowsills whenever there was heavy rain.

It wasn’t until this Monday, November 6, that Silva Homes sent repair staff to sort it out within minutes – just two working days after being contacted by Bracknell News. Mr Foulger said he was still at a loss as to why the original work was so expensive – and why it didn’t fix the gap.

He said: “I really do wonder why the big gutter repair wasn't just a quick job up a ladder like this one. It's a stark contrast.”

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Mr Foulger was startled when he received a service charge bill of £1,173.85 in September – more than £450 more than Silva Homes had predicted for him earlier in the year.

He was told it included £2,250 for gutter repairs and another £1,734 for roof repairs, split among residents. Mr Foulger couldn’t believe it would cost that much – especially when it seemed the gutter hadn’t been fixed.

He said: “The gutters were only installed a few years ago as part of major works and their installation was a complete botch job as they were installed with this fault. Silva Homes didn't seem to bother to inspect the work back then, or again this year after the repairs.

“When it rains, the water pours out like a waterfall and makes a drumming sound on my neighbour's windowsill.”

Mr Foulger challenged Silva Homes over the repairs on October 21. Eventually, Silva Homes contacted him on Friday, November 3 – one day after being approached by the News – to say that this was because repairs were made using a cherry picker.

Silva Homes also said that the bill didn’t cover the full costs, and residents wouldn’t be charged for fixing the gap.

Ellie McSkimming, senior customer relations partner, told the News : “We’re sorry for the upset and confusion caused by the guttering works and subsequent re-charge.

“For this gutter repair, only a portion of the total cost was split between all leaseholders at £250 per leaseholder.”

Mr Foulger says repair workers arrived at 2:43pm on Monday afternoon and had fixed the gap by 2:50pm.