A proposed house extension could pave the way for an ‘Airbnb’-style holiday home or large rented house, worried neighbours fear. But its new owner insists it will be a family home.

The new owners of a house on Darwall Drive in Ascot want planning permission from Bracknell Forest Council to convert it into a four-bed property.

But neighbours have said the extension would overlook and overshadow nearby houses. And some worry that the owners aim to use the house as a “house of multiple occupation” (HMO) – where rooms are let to several tenants – or as a holiday letting.

One neighbour, Michael Watson, said in a letter to the council: “I am concerned, given the amount of rooms and the layout that it will be let out as individual rooms, a HMO or an Airbnb style business. This would massively impact on the neighbourhood and the parking in the street.”

Another, Andrew Laszkiewicz, wrote: “The plan shows a very large walk-in wardrobe with external window which looks to be a bedroom, this would be 5 bedrooms for which there is insufficient parking.

“It is unclear from the plans if this is to be a sole family occupancy, or if it will be divided into multi occupancy rental or similar which would be out of keeping with the area also further impacting parking.”

But Artur Kushnir said the house was bought by his mother for him to move into with his young family.

He told Bracknell News: “I mean to live in that property with my wife and my toddler, and we are expecting a second newborn.

“That is to be a residential property only. There is no intention of having an Airbnb or HMO.”

Mr Kushnir also said he had paid for new plans after neighbours worried that the extension would block their light, or that windows would overlook their private gardens.

One neighbour, Jo Welch, told the council: “The extension will overlook my garden as I live in a bungalow.”

And Mr P Bedofrd said: “The rear bedroom window will lead to a complete lack of privacy into our rear garden.”

But Mr Kushnir said he had gone to “great lengths” to make sure the plans were acceptable. He said: “We have complied with every requirement set out by the council.

“We have reduced the extension and undertaken a very thorough light assessment. We’ve gone to great lengths to prove our point.”

Councillors on Bracknell Forest’s planning committee are set to make a decision on Thursday, November 9. Planning officers say the plans meet their requirements and should be approved.