An inspiring 85-year-old Ascot woman who has been rescuing dogs for more than six decades has shared the reason behind her dedication.

Connie Cuff, owner of Pine Ridge Sanctuary in Ascot, said it was her husband's 'dearest wish' for her to continue helping animals after he passed away.

The dog rescue centre on Priory Road was started by her late husband Bernard in the 1950s. 

Speaking to The News, Connie described how the incredible centre - which has helped hundreds of dogs over the years - first began. 

Bernard was inspired to open Pine Ridge in 1958 after returning home from work one evening to switch on the news and learn that dogs found wandering free would be put down. 

Slough was set to be the first town in the UK where the law was going to be passed to ban unleashed dogs from the roads. 

Bernard was horrified by this, and after pondering the matter for some weeks, he went to the local council and told them that he would take the unclaimed dogs.

Pine Ridge Sanctuary has now been running for 65 years and became a charity in the early 60s.

The owner of Pine Ridge Sanctuary Connie Cuff said: “We have always had dogs, and usually adopt the oldies. Our current oldster is a 13 year old staffie crossed dachshund!”

Regarding the imminent ban of XL American Bullies in the UK, Connie Cuff agreed that “it is pretty difficult to rehome dogs today. Rehoming over the last five months has dried up.”

She said: “The issue is in the breeding, it's not the owners! People like to jump on the owners being at fault, but dogs are 80 percent breeding and the rest is down to environment.”

“Breeders just churn them out, and people don’t want dogs that are not social. They want dogs that they can take off the lead.”