Have you ever considered whether your favourite local haunt was actually haunted?

With connections to royalty and many buildings steeped in hundreds of years of history, older properties across Berkshire have been known as sights which are frequented by the paranormal.

Before being transformed into the thriving arts centre it is today, South Hill Park witnessed a history full of death and depression.

Both visitors and members of staff have accounted for incidences of paranormal activity within the mansion following a series of grisly deaths in its early history.

One of the owners, Major Rickman, inherited South Hill Park after a family member passed away leaving him with the estate's crippling debts.

After taking his life in the Gunroom of the mansion, there have been eye-witness reports and peculiar footsteps regularly heard in the area of the centre which is a hive of activity.

Since the arrival of the Atrium bar and restaurant, these sightings have dried up as families enjoy the view over the grounds where the Major used to walk on the veranda.

Modern-day encounters which have been reported by employees and visitors to South Hill Park include haunting sounds, phantom footsteps, and spooky sightings of people in Victorian garb.

Although the Wilde Theatre was only build following the opening of the arts centre in 1973 strange sounds and goings-on have been heard in the theatre.

One Stage Technician, Lydia James who found herself working late one night reported seeing a lady wearing a striking red Victorian dress, with a black belt around the waist.

This woman has been spotted by several individuals on the main staircase, particularly on a Saturday night.

All of these sightings have made South Hill Park an excellent place to visit on late-night paranormal tours.

These have taken place throughout the years by the ghost-hunting group Spirit Chasers.