James Sunderland, Bracknell’s Conservative MP, has said he has been supporting residents “since day one” ahead of a general election next year.

Mr Sunderland made the comments in an interview with Bracknell News during a visit to parliament on Wednesday, October 18.

Labour took control of Bracknell Forest Council from the Conservatives in a shock landslide result in local elections in May this year – and polling analysis by the Electoral Calculus website sugeests it could take the parliamentary seat next year.

Mr Sunderland said there were “many reasons” for the result. He said: “In terms of the election this year – there were many, many reasons why the result happened. I think Labour probably worked it harder, there was a very low turnout. Labour and Lib Dems didn’t stand against each other.”

“Now that Labour have taken the council in Bracknell – and very good luck to them – they’ve got to deliver.

“When they get it right I’ll champion them and when I think they’re missing a trick I’ll probably just point it out.”

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He added that he meets with council leader Mary Temperton every month and is “there to support Bracknell.”

Mr Sunderland also rejected claims aired on social media that he doesn’t do much for Bracknell. He said: “People sometimes say, oh James Sunderland is only around because there’s an election coming up.

“Well the election could be another year. I’ve had exactly the same approach to Bracknell since day one. We’ve done about 45,000 pieces of casework since I became an MP.

“I’m one of the most prolific speakers in Westminster, I’m in my constituency two days a week at least, just visiting events. I’d much, much rather be in Bracknell talking to local people. But my job is to listen to them and then bring it back here.”