A devastated dog owner has said she is desperate to find her beloved black Labrador who went missing from a neighbor's garden.

Darwin, 9, initially went missing from a property in Cannon Road, Aldershot on Friday, September 29 wearing a bright red paracord collar with two tags.

The ‘beloved’ dog was last spotted on Sunday, October 3 at around 3 p.m. running on the A331 and heading towards woodland at Chalk Farm Lake.

After bolting into the street he was struck by a car on the corner of Dead Brook Lane and fled from the scene.

Owner Sue has begun a Berkshire-wide search alongside friends and organisations in the area.

This includes liaising with veterinary practices, and military bases and raising awareness in and around the town and bordering areas.

A family friend said: “After the sighting on Sunday, we were really hopeful he might return home but sadly we’ve not seen him since.  We have been working with specialist pet finders, following advice on how not to spook him further and tempt him home, but still no sign.

“Darwin is a beautiful friendly sociable boy, but we are told that it is very likely he is now very scared and in flight mode, may well have gone to ground. It is likely he will only move at night when he feels it is safe to come out.

“We are asking for extra pairs of eyes and ears, and for people to be extra vigilant not just around the area he was last seen at Chalk Farm Lake but anywhere in the surrounding areas as it is not known how far he may have traveled by now.

“It is important that people do not come out to the area he was last seen to search for him as this could spook him further and we need him to pick up the scent he needs to find his way back to his mum.

“His owner is desperate to know he is safe. We just him home.”

A Facebook page has been set up for people who wish to join the search for Darwin.

Anyone who spots the dog has been asked not to approach him but to report the siting to the Facebook page which is monitored 24/7.