A MAN accused of helping to transfer firearms as part of a ‘large-scale gun factory operation’ in Wokingham has denied knowing firearms were involved.

Mark Dyson, 52, is standing trial at Reading Crown Court with Deyonte Bryan, 29, charged with a conspiracy to sell or transfer prohibited weapons.

He was arrested in October last year after police found ‘dozens of handguns strewn’ throughout a home in London Road, Wokingham.

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Dyson, who lived at Seymour Court, Finchamstead at the time, was accused of helping Kenneth Britton, 33, who lived at the Wokingham home, by driving him around and transferring boxes full of firearms.

Britton has already pleaded guilty to conspiracy to sell or transfer prohibited firearms and conspiracy to sell or transfer ammunition.

However, Dyson told the jury on Wednesday (October 4) he had ‘absolutely no idea’ about the operation.

The HSS Hire delivery driver said he met Britton through a friend and agreed to give him lifts in a Volkswagen Touran Britton had bought for him.

“It was bought for me without my knowledge,” he said. “It was given to me but I was told if I didn’t drive him I would pay the cost of it which was over £3,000 at the time, so I agreed to drive him occasionally.”

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When asked how Britton would treat Dyson, he said: “Like I was one of his puppets, I was to do what he told me to do.

“He was very aggressive and he called me a d*******. It was very abusing all the time.”

When asked about a specific occasion on October 31, Dyson is accused of transferring boxes loading with blank-firing firearms into another vehicle at Crowthorne railway station car park.

Dyson told the jury Britton had called and asked for a lift to move some boxes and he said yes.

When asked if he knew what was in the boxes, he said: “No. The boxes were sealed.”

Earlier in the trial, the jury were shown pictures of firearms found on Dyson’s found. When asked why the images were downloaded, Dyson said it was after he found out Britton was arrested.

“I heard through the grapevine,” he said. “I searched on social media about firearms and the relation to Kenny. They got on there after I researched Kenny’s arrest.”

Dyson denied having an interest in firearms and denied knowing about his role in the operation.

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In cross-examination, prosecutor Ian Hope said: “Did you not think that looks dodgy? You’re saying you thought all those dealings with him were legitimate?”

Dyson replied ‘correct’. The trial continues.