Girls are scared to go to Brakenhale School while on their period, and children face detention for not getting full marks on their homework, parents have claimed.

The new complaints come amid uproar after pupils and parents spoke out against what they say are “military camp” rules.

One parent, Natalie Kerrison, said: “None of the kids want to be there. They’re too scared to go to school. They feel like they’re in a prison. I know there needs to be rules and discipline. But it’s over the top.”

Pupils and parents raised complaints this year when the lunch break was reduced to just 25 minutes – leaving some pupils saying they didn’t have time to get a full meal.

Now some parents say this also means children don’t have time to use the toilet and get lunch – and aren’t allowed to ask to use the toilet during lessons either. They say that’s especially a problem for girls.

Ms Kerrison said: “I’ve heard stories of people that have wet themselves, blood down their legs. All the girls are scared to go to school on their period.”

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Parents also say their children struggle to complete homework – but feel unable to ask teachers for help, and face detention for leaving answers wrong or incomplete.

One parent, who didn’t want to be named, said: “My daughter comes home with homework and says she doesn’t know how to do it because they haven’t been taught it yet. But it has to be 100 per cent completed or they get detention.

“She worries if she gets it wrong she might get told off, might get detention. But she doesn’t feel she can ask for help.”

The parents say this is particularly difficult for children with special educational needs, who aren’t always suited to a rigid focus on strict rules and high grades.

This is made worse, they say, by delays in recruiting special educational needs staff – holding up action plans for their children.

And they say agreements with special educational needs staff exempting their children from certain activities or lessons aren’t always passed on to teachers – causing the pupils more anxiety.

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Ms Kerrison said: “The children who are doing brilliantly, they treat them nicely. But they’re not interested in the children who need help.”

And another parent said: “They’re focussed on how the children need to achieve, achieve, achieve and get top marks. It’s a little bit misplaced to assume that every child can do that.”

Brakenhale School and Greenshaw Learning Trust were asked to comment on all of the complaints raised but declined.

A spokesperson said: “Any parents who have concerns or questions should contact the school directly.”