A 5G mast in Warfield, a bungalow in Crowthorne and a children’s home in Earley are in this week’s roundup of planning decisions and applications in Bracknell and Wokingham.

You can view each one by going to the relevant council’s planning website and searching for the application number provided.

Bracknell Forest: 5G mast in Warfield (23/00511/RTD)

A 5G mast must not be built on Harvest Ride in Warfield, council planning officers have ruled, as its location would have blocked drivers’ views.

Clarke Telecom had applied for permission on behalf of CK Hutchison Networks to build a 20 metre high monopole with six antennas and two equipment cabinets on a grass verge on Harvest Ride.

But council highways officers said the pole would restrict visibility for maintenance vehicles using a nearby gate into Garth Meadows.

Bracknell Forest: Bungalow in Crowthorne (23/00388/FUL)

The owners of a bungalow on Cambridge Row in Crowthorne have been denied permission to add a second story to their home.

Plans submitted to Bracknell Forest Council were for a first storey extension with a porch and a pointed roof.

But planning officers said the design and height would be out of character with the rest of the street, damaging the appearance of the surrounding area, and block neighbours’ daylight.

Bracknell Forest: Caravan Park in Warfield (23/00589/LDC)

Warfield Park caravan park has asked Bracknell Forest Council to confirm it would be lawful to use an area of woodland as a caravan park.

In a statement on behalf of the owners, solicitors firm Tozers argues that as the woodland land is already part and parcel of the caravan park, which it is attached to.

But as it is not currently part of the licensed caravan site, the owners currently can’t use any of the pitch fee it takes from residents on that patch of land for maintenance of the land.

Wokingham Borough: Children’s home in Earley (231532)

A house on Wokingham Road in Earley is to become a care home after getting planning permission from Wokingham Borough Council.

The house will accommodate a maximum of three children at a time. Council officers granted permission on Tuesday, September 19.

Wokingham Borough: EV charging and jet wash (231257)

An application to demolish the Knowl Hill petrol station on Bath Road and replace it with an electric vehicle charging zone, a canopy and two jet wash bays has been submitted to Wokingham Borough Council.

The application was submitted on behalf of Motor Fuel Group UK in May this year, with all documents need to make the application valid filed by last week.