Users of social networking platform Reddit have reacted to the news that a Bracknell dad and investor was kicked out of the Lexicon for handing out leaflets about GameStop. 

Music teacher and part-time investor Ed Jones was booted out of the shopping centre earlier this week.

The dad was one of hundreds of Redditors involved in a war with Wall Street after investing in American company GameStop.

The David v Goliath-style story has inspired a new Hollywood film - Dumb Money - which is out this month. 

The News' article about Mr Jones was shared to Reddit last night - with thousands of people giving the 'thumbs up' seal-of-approval for his efforts. 

One user mrginger1987 said: “I love it! By any means necessary. For all the haters saying the media will portray [us] in a negative light, who cares?”

Although one Reddit user was unsure about the method of flyering, he expressed his positive views on the effort. said: "This sort of makes us look like a cult. I am glad he did it though.

"He is taking action."

Meanwhile others poked fun at The Lexicon, with one writing: "The lexicon restricting words. Ironic,"

Others were less sympathetic, saying: "Who would have thought loitering and handing out unapproved investor materials would lead to issues."