A BRACKNELL maths prodigy is missing out on his “life-long dream” to study at Oxford after an exams board reportedly lost his paper.

Eighteen-year-old Jack Graham, who completed his maths GCSE at the age of eight, had a conditional offer to study mathematics at Oxford University.

He sat his maths A-Level in May but was downgraded from an A* to an A after the OCR mislaid one of his papers. This meant that the offer was void.

The former Garth Hill College student told The News: “When results day came, my jaw hit the floor.” He said after years of hard work, it was his “lifelong dream” to study at Lincoln College at Oxford University, where some of the most brilliant minds and leading mathematicians have begun their careers.

He said: “I have to admit I’m angry and frustrated at the whole situation. When I first heard that the exam board had lost one of my papers I wasn’t concerned because I thought my previous results were good enough to be awarded an A* and I know things like these happen all the time.”

But that wasn’t the case - and the former Binfield pupil said: “When the results day came, my jaw hit the floor. No one could quite believe it, including the headteacher.

“It’s come to the point where now that the appeal has been rejected I have to accept it, but the question will always be there in the back of my mind. What would my life have become if they were able to mark that paper and I was accepted into Oxford?

“An A is certainly not a bad grade and I am grateful for it but all I feel now is devastation that my dream to attend one of the best maths colleges in the country has been shattered.”

Jack will now attend Warwick University for the next four years to study Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics (MORSE). He said that although this was not his first choice, he is looking forward to starting at Warwick which is the third best mathematics university in the UK behind Cambridge and Oxford.

Jack will continue to tutor students through his Bracknell-based tutoring business. Dad Andy Graham expressed his disappointment that an 18-year-old ‘has been burdened to take responsibility for the Maths prodigy Jack, who sat his GCSE maths at the age of eight, has missed out on a spot at Oxford.

A spokesperson for OCR said: “The result we issued is fair and based on a thorough review of the evidence, including from the student’s other exams and how others performed.

“All exam boards use this nationally agreed approach for the rare cases where students are unable to sit an exam or where papers go missing.

“Universities decide whether to make exceptions when admitting students. “We wish Jack all the best with his studies.”