Dog owners and walkers are being warned to stay away from recreation grounds in the village of Winkfield as the council has marked a number of areas as 'dog-free zones'.

It comes as Home Secretary Suella Braverman is seeking urgent advice on banning dangerous breeds after a series of incidents around the country where adults and children have been attacked in public spaces.

Winkfield Parish Council shared a post to Facebook on Sunday which reads, "no dogs", while listing the places four-legged friends are now banned from.

Speaking to The News, a council spokesman said the ban has been in place for more than 25 years but said some dog owners haven't been following the rules.

Now to hammer the point home, the council has shared a notice which clearly outlines the following spots as 'dog-free zones'. They include Locks Ride Recreational Ground, Asher Recreation Ground, Fernbank Road play space, King George V Recreation Ground and Blackmoor Close.

Chairman of Winkfield Parish Council, Colin Dudley said: "We allow dogs in half of our public spaces which is good for all of our residents who walk their dogs in the area. Banning dogs from areas where there are play areas without segregation improves the safety of other park users, especially families with small children.

“Obviously, most people are not a problem when walking their dogs but not everyone is a responsible dog owner. So, the rule is there to mitigate the danger that some more violent dogs may cause to children.

“This rule has been in place since I’ve been part of the council which has been for over 25 years. So, as long as I can remember I have been a member of the community.

“The notice on Facebook is just to reiterate the issue.”

An Ascot dog walker said this was the first time he had been made aware that dogs were banned from these areas - but said he personally wouldn't use those spaces anyway.

He man said: “All five of those parks are quite small and normally are only used by families who want to go to the play areas so they wouldn’t be places I would go because it is so easy to bump into people."

He added: “All of our dogs are screened to make sure that they are well behaved during the walk so walking around people is never a problem."

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