Today (September 9) is expected to be the hottest day of the year so far and cat owners are being urged to look out for their pets as temperatures rise.

Temperatures are predicted to reach 33C in some places and while we are expected to feel the heat, our pets will too.

To help you care for your cat in the heat, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home's Senior Vet Claire Turner has shared some tips, the Daily Mail reports.

The vet’s advice includes applying suncream to their skin, changing their food and giving them access to water, among other things, according to the newspaper.

Bracknell News: It's important that your cat stays hydrated in the heatIt's important that your cat stays hydrated in the heat (Image: Canva)

4 ways to help your cat cope with the heat

Apply suncream to your cat

Pet-specific suncream is available to use for your cat and it’s thicker than the suncream humans use.

The thickness is expected to deter your cat from licking it off their fur before it soaks in.

If your cat has lighter fur, sunburn will be a bigger risk to them – their nose and tips of the ears are easily burned.

Change their food

Cat owners are advised to water down wet food if their cat eats it to help them stay hydrated.

If you’re feeling creative, you could also make them an icy treat like tuna ice cubes.

To make them, add some tuna to an ice cube tray then fill it up with water as usual and freeze.

This will keep them cool and hydrated.

Bracknell News: Cat owners can water down wet food to keep their pets coolCat owners can water down wet food to keep their pets cool (Image: Getty Images)

Make sure they have water to drink

Put your cat’s water in a different place to their food so they find it more appealing.

If you can, it’s a good idea to put bowls of water around your house so your cat can keep hydrated wherever they are.

Claire Turner said a water fountain for your cat is “perfect” as it’ll encourage your cat to drink water.

Give your cat spaces to keep cool

Try to give your cat some spots in the shade to relax and stay cool.

If your cat is inside, try closing the curtains or when they’re outside, use a damp towel to create a cool space.

Don’t put the towel on top of them as this creates an extra layer but if the towel is down, they can choose to lie on it - cooling mats are also available to buy.