Safety concerns have prompted a call to action online to educate e-scooter and e-bike users with the aim of reducing accidents on the roads.

A debate on the community discussion page, Nextdoor, started up after a ‘young lad’ was spotted erratically riding down the middle of the A322 outside Bracknell Leisure Centre.

Despite the law stating that e-scooters can only be used legally on private land, several residents reported incidences which included coming across e-scooters on main roads.

Eric Twigg contacted The Bracknell News after reading about these concerns. He said: “I have heard so many stories about e-scooters and e-bikes playing on the road and almost causing an accident.

“When I was growing up, I was always told that the road was dangerous and to stay away from it, whereas young people now seem to treat it as their own personal playground.

“What we really need though is to educate people before they are allowed anywhere near the roads with an electric vehicle and this starts at home.

“A warning should go out to all parents to educate their children and explain the rules when on the road.”

A spokesperson from Bracknell Forest Council said that unless the local authority is operating an approved government-approved trial it is illegal to use e-scooters on a public highway.

Bracknell Forest currently does not have one of these trials and is therefore a police issue if caught.