Councillors and members of the Royal Naval Association hoisted the Red Ensign to mark Merchant Navy Day.

On Friday, September 1, individuals gathered at Brooke House in Bracknell High Street to mark the day.

At 11am the flag was raised and members of the public were encouraged to come down, with free colouring inside the council offices for children.

A Bracknell Town Council spokesperson said: "We are proud to support Merchant Navy Day.

"We have raised the red ensign in honour of those Merchant seafarers who still work so hard and those who have been lost over the many wars and years of service.

"We love partnering with the Bracknell branch of the Royal Naval Association - thank you for helping us to celebrate this special day."

The Merchant Navy dates back over 500 years, with many merchant seafarers working at sea for more than nine months every year.

Across both world wards. 42,000 merchant seafarers are estimated to have lost their lives.

Today 95 per cent of the UK’s imports and exports rely on the Merchant Navy, with 1,892,720 merchant seafarers worldwide and an estimated 21,970 active seafarers in the UK.