A hospital trust has launched a campaign to increase public awareness around the importance of knowing your blood pressure numbers.

And healthcare bosses believe that empowering people to regularly check and record their blood pressure could save lives.

It is one simple health test that Frimley Hospital Healthcare Trust believes will go a long way.

The healthcare operators, responsible for NHS services acoss East Berkshire and Surrey, will be sharing messages on high blood pressure and ways to control or lower it throughout September. 

A Trust spokesman said: "By giving people the knowledge and confidence to measure their own blood pressure, they can become proactive in their health and avoid becoming a statistic.

"There are multiple ways to check blood pressure, including using a personal blood pressure machine at home or borrowing one from a family member or friend.

"Additionally, individuals can take advantage of mobile testing teams or visit pharmacies that offer blood pressure testing.

"Many people aged 40 to 74 find out their blood pressure through the NHS Health Check, and are urged to take up their health check invitation when it arrives from their GP practice."

To help people understand how to take their blood pressure and what steps to take based on their numbers, information can be found on the Frimley Health and Care website.

Residents are also invited to a special online information session titled "Looking after yourself: A focus on high blood pressure" on September 20 at 6pm.

Interested individuals can visit the provided link to register for the session.

Frimley Health and Care ICS is a partnership of health and social care organisations working together to improve services for the 800,000 people in East Berkshire, North East Hampshire, Farnham, and Surrey Heath.

The ICS includes NHS Trusts, primary care providers, service commissioners, the voluntary sector, and local authorities.

A spokesman said Frimley Health and Care aims to empower individuals to take control of their blood pressure and ultimately improve their overall health and well-being.