A ‘heartbroken’ cat owner has released a county-wide appeal after their beloved cat went missing over three months ago.

Bianca Panscucci lives with her family on Winkfield Row in Bracknell, alongside their beautiful grey and white cat Nala.

After mysteriously vanishing on Friday, May 12, the family said that they have done everything that they can think of to find her. 

Ms Panscucci said: “We are doing everything possible, even the unimaginable in a desperate plea to be reunited with her.

“She was a gift for my daughter’s 4th birthday and she is really missing her best friend. We truly believe that she may have jumped in a vehicle and traveled, or someone has stolen her from us.”

A Facebook group has been started by Bianca called ‘Finding Nala’ to create a place for people to reach out with sightings and support. 

The group generated overwhelming support for the family's search and garnered a total of 500 members in just 48 hours.

Bianca added: “Some of the members suggested starting a Go Fund Me page to raise money for a substantial reward offer to the person who can return my Nala to me, where in just one day we reached £530.

“We are doing everything possible, even the unimaginable in a desperate plea to be reunited with her.”

Nala has been described as a very skittish cat that will run away from people approaching her.

She is a small and slim short-haired grey mixed breed kitty, with white paws, tummy, and chin, and a small white marking between her olive green eyes. 

So far, the Go Fund Me page has reached a total of £580 to help in their search.

A message to the public on the Go Fund Me page said: “Every day we pray that we receive that phone call that will give us the reunion we’ve been waiting 3 long months for. We miss her so so much and are determined to find the answers to what has happened to her. Thank you all in advance for anything you contribute to support us.”

If you do happen to come across Nala, the family has asked people to reach out on the 'Finding Nala' Facebook page.