A disability charity is on a mission to replace dangerous old hot water bottles with brand new ones, thanks to funding from Bracknell Forest Council.

The Ark Trust is running a hot water bottle exchange through its Hive project – which provides support with the cost of living for people with disabilities, those with long-term health conditions, carers and the wider community.

The Ark chief executive Andrea McCombie said it was just as important to get old hot water bottles in as it is to give new ones out – as they can become dangerous after two years.

She said: “The reason we’re doing an exchange rather than just giving out hot water bottles is we want to get the dangerous hot water bottles in.

“They’re only actually good for two to three years. They don’t look damaged but because the rubber in them has perished, they just go. A&Es see in the winter an increase in the winter the amount of people suffering burns.”

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The charity is beginning its drive now so as to get dangerous hot water bottles out of people’s homes before winter. Ms McCombie said the exchange was a way to help people with the cost of living.

She said: “It may seem like a small expense but if you haven’t got any money for food you’re not going to spend £7 on a hot water bottle if your one looks okay.”

The exchange is supported by Household Support Fund money awarded to The Ark by the council.