A cost of living event in Bracknell town centre has been hailed as a “huge success” as people found support to cope with rising prices.

The Bracknell Forest Council-run event in the Princess Square shopping centre on Friday, August 4, brought together charities and other organisations to give advice and promote its services.

Jean Hopper, 74, and her husband Roy, 87, said they’d already needed help with the cost of living. Jean said: “We’ve cut down an awful lot – and I did have help last year from Signal4Carers.

“I was able to buy an air fryer because they gave us the cash. It helped no end – it’s cut the cost of the electricity and I was able to buy a new carpet steamer.”

She added that she’d been able to get more information that she wouldn’t otherwise have found thanks to the event – especially as she prefers face-to-face advice rather than relying on the internet.

Jean said: “This is the first time this has been done, and we really need to know about this because we don’t know what we’re entitled to.”

“We do go on the computer, but we need to talk to people face to face. We’ve had a lot of things explained to us, and we need to understand things, and take away information.”

Her friend Tom said Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) should put on more events like it. He said: “We’ve walked around the stalls today and people have been very helpful.

“My one criticism is that it should be on tomorrow as well, only because people work in the week.”

Organisations including Share foodbank, The Ark, The Cowshed, the St Vincent de Paul Society and Citizens Advice Bureau held stalls promoting the help they can offer.

The Ark assists people primarily with disability and caring needs, The Cowshed provides people in need of essential items, and St Vincent St Paul offers one-off financial assistance.

There were also information stalls from South East Water on how to save on water costs, and the social housing provider Silva.

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Council leader Mary Temperton said: “We’ve had a really, really good turnout.

“Passersby have stopped to see what’s gone on and been thankful that it’s here. There’s been a lot of good information that’s been passed on – and it’s face to face rather than online, which for some is really good.

“I’ve spoken to lots of residents today. I think in future we’ll have to have some of the councillors on a table. Because some people have said, well this is all well and good but where’s the councillors?”

She added: “It’s been a huge success and we’ll do it again.”