TORTILLA'S hottest new restaurant has opened in town and the Bracknell News was kindly invited along to see what all of the fuss was about.

UK-based chain restaurant Tortilla does a Californian-inspired take on Mexican food and it's a must try.

For the burrito, taco and nacho lovers out there, Tortilla knows how to pull out the stops to delight its customers with a tasty meal.

The experience when you walk into the restaurant feels very personalised and tailored, where you queue up and choose to create your own meal.

There's a variety of fillings to choose from, with pulled pork, chicken, beef and vegan chilli on the menu.

Burritos can be filled either with a choice of pinto beans, black beans, mixed vegetables, rice, meat and then cheese, guacamole, sour cream, salsas and spicy sauces.

Bracknell News: The decor insideThe decor inside (Image: NQ)

Tortilla also serves quesadillas (which are a popular choice), fully loaded nachos and tacos.

Tortilla has a prime location smack middle of the town centre making it perfect for those who work in the Lexicon, have stopped in for a bit of shopping or are passing through on a dander through the town.

The interior has a cool, relaxed, Californian dining vibe and fits perfectly with the casual dining style that Tortilla aims for.

In a similar set-up to Mission Burrito in Reading, you queue up in front of the burrito bar and watch the team whip up the magic right in front of your eyes - perfect for your first time in a place because you can have a nosey at what you want in it before they get to you.

It can be overwhelming though if you're indecisive like me and don't want to hold up a queue behind you when making choices of what to put inside your wrap.

But even though the staff seemed rushed off their feet they are really kind and talk you through the fillings and which order to go with first to help you master your burrito creation.

I ordered a burrito with beef, black beans, vegetables, cheese, sweet corn salsa and guacamole and my partner got a chicken burrito with pinto beans, spice salsa verde and no guacamole.

We also got a portion of the Nachos Queso to share which was loaded with chipotle cheese sauce, guacamole, fresh salsa, sour cream and some spicy vegan chilli on the side because the bowls looked too tempting not to try.

Check out our TikTok from Tortilla below...


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To wash all the goodness down, I ordered a frozen margarita and my partner had a can of beer. The cold tequila-flavoured cocktail washed the Mexican food down a treat.

They also have happy hour from 5-8pm daily where drinks are £2.50 each if you sign up to their app (this was too good of a deal not to share with you readers). 

I was sold by how the food tasted, the value for money, service and leaving feeling full and satisfied.

To give you the God's-honest truth, I will definitely be coming back for more and it might be my new restaurant in town.