A ‘devastated’ Bracknell family have become increasingly distressed after their beloved cat went missing nine weeks ago.

Bianca Pascucci bought Nala as a gift for her daughters fourth birthday and has since become a best friend and loving companion.

As an outdoor cat, according to sightings she was last seen ‘plodding’ along the grass at the pond coming into Carnation Drive off of Forest Road’ on Friday, May 12.

After exhausting every single effort in their search, they are still holding out hope in their search for their fur baby.

Bianca said: “There have been no valid sightings at all since she vanished, and we have exhausted every single effort in finding her from flyers and posters, posting on every Facebook Group possible, door to door knocking, calling vets and shelters whilst heading out day and night calling for her, scattering her litter and leaving ripped up clothes with our scent on it tied around branches in the hopes that she will find her way home.

“We are absolutely heartbroken, with a 5-year-old at home missing her best friend.

“The house is feeling a huge void without her. Please help us bring Nala home.”

The grey cat has been described as small and slim with white paws, chest and chin and a small marking between her eyes.

Although Nala is very close to the family, they have said that she is very much an outdoor cat and is not the type to approach people.

Bianca believes that she may have jumped into a van and travelled to another street where she has lost her way.

The family have released a plea for anyone who might have seen Nala to get in touch with her on 07879021461.