The big story from the local elections in Wokingham last week was that the Liberal Democrats have become the largest party on the Borough Council—while the once-dominant Conservatives lost more seats.

But there were also elections for town councils in the borough. These are responsible for providing and maintaining services such as parks, play areas, allotments, bus shelters and bins.

Elections took place in three town councils in Wokingham. These were Wokingham Town, Woodley Town and Earley Town.

Here’s an overview of the councillors elected in each. You can explore each one in more detail at


Wokingham Town Council

Embrook North – Basit Alvi (Liberal Democrat)

Embrook North – Alexandra Fraser (Liberal Democrat)

Embrook North – Joan Malvern (Liberal Democrat)

Embrook South – Rachel Bishop-Firth (Liberal Democrat)

Embrook South – Keith Malvern (Liberal Democrat)

Embrook South – Imogen Shepherd-Dubey (Liberal Democrat)

Evendens East – Susan Cornish (Liberal Democrat)

Evendens East – Sally Gurney (Independent)

Evendens East – Adrian Mather (Liberal Democrat)

Evendens West – Adrian Betteridge (Liberal Democrat)

Evendens West – Warren Dixon (Liberal Democrat)

Evendens West – Alexandra Domingue (Liberal Democrat)

Evendens West – Tony Lack (Conservative)

Evendens West – Heather Richards (Liberal Democrat)

Norreys East – Andrew Croy (Labour)

Norreys East – Matteo Fumagalli (Liberal Democrat)

Norreys East – Alwyn Jones (Labour)

Norreys West – Barrie Callendar (Labour)

Norreys West – Philip Cunnington (Conservative)

Norreys West – Nagendra Nagella (Labour)

Wescott East – Robert Comber (Liberal Democrat)

Wescott East – Danie Spencer (Conservative)

Wescott West – Maria Gee (Liberal Democrat)

Wescott West – Annette Medhurst (Labour)


Woodley Town Council

Bulmershe – Kester Charles Bay (Labour)

Bulmershe – Yvonne Edwards (Labour)

Bulmershe – Michael Kennedy (Conservative)

Bulmershe – June Taylor (Labour)

Coronation Central – Juliet Anderson (Conservative)

Coronation Central – David Bragg (Conservative)

Coronation East – Keith Baker (Conservative)

Coronation East – Robert Horskins (Conservative)

Coronation East – Darren Smith (Conservative)

Loddon Airfield – Anne Chadwick (Conservative)

Loddon Airfield – Nagra Majid (Labour)

Loddon Airfield – Alison Swaddle (Conservative)

Loddon South – Gregory Bello (Labour)

Loddon South – Janet Sartorel (Conservative)

Loddon South – William Soane (Conservative)

Loddon West – Linda Gutteridge (Conservative)

Loddon West – Parvinder Singh (Independent)

South Lake – Usman Ahmed (Conservative)

South Lake – Kay Gilder (Conservative)

South Lake – Carol Jewell (Liberal Democrat)

South Lake – Sagarkumar Patel (Conservative)

South Lake – Elizabeth Rowland (Conservative)



Earley Town Council

Cutbush – Ryan Browne (Liberal Democrat)

Cutbush – Menalie De Jong (Liberal Democrat)

Cutbush – Andrew Long (Liberal Democrat)

Hawkedon – Rohit Ahlawat (Conservative)

Hawkedon – David Hare (Liberal Democrat)

Hawkedon – Bethan Owen (Liberal Democrat)

Hillside – Anne Bassett (Liberal Democrat)

Hillside – Andrew Bradley (Conservative)

Hillside – Moses Iyengunmwena (Conservative)

Maiden Erlegh – John Eastwell (Liberal Democrat)

Maiden Erlegh – Geoffrey Littler (Liberal Democrat)

Maiden Erlegh – Stephen Newton (Liberal Democrat)

Radstock – Rosemary Cook (Liberal Democrat)

Radstock – Pauline Jorgensen (Conservative)

Radstock – Caroline Smith (Liberal Democrat)

Redhatch – Norman Jorgensen (Conservative)

Redhatch – Irene Khayinza (Liberal Democrat)

Redhatch – Tahir Maher (Liberal Democrat)

Redhatch – Michael Smith (Liberal Democrat)

St Nicholas – Nicola Brock (Liberal Democrat)

St Nicholas – Timothy Holton (Conservative)

St Nicholas – Alistair Neal (Liberal Democrat)

Whitegates – Sheila Jordan (Liberal Democrat)

Whitegates – Sheena Matthews (Labour)

Whitegates – Hari Sarasan (Labour)


Winnersh Parish

South – Joseph Boadu (Liberal Democrat)

South – Paul Fishwick (Liberal Democrat)

South – Paolo Giacon (Liberal Democrat)

South – David Green

South – Geoffrey Harper

South – Rafaelle Nicholson (Liberal Democrat)