The election news in Bracknell was dominated by Labour’s earthquake win, becoming the largest party on Bracknell Forest Council with 22 councillors—up from four previously.

But there were also elections for town and parish councils in the region. These councils are responsible for providing and maintaining services such as parks, play areas, allotments, bus shelters and bins.

Elections took place in six town and parish councils in Bracknell. These were Bracknell Town Council, Crowthorne Parish Council, Binfield Parish Council, Sandhurst Town Council, Warfield Parish Council and Winkfield Parish Council.

Here’s an overview of the councillors elected in each. You can explore each one in more detail here.


Bracknell Town Council

Birch Hill and North Lake - Janet Gwendoline Cochrane (Labour)

Birch Hill and North Lake - Cath Thompson (Labour)

Bullbrook (Town Ward) - Caroline May Egglestone (Labour)

Bullbrook (Town Ward) - Graham William Firth (Labour)

Bullbrook (Town Ward) - Kandy Jefferies (Labour)

Crown Wood (Town Ward) - Elizabeth Mary Baker (Labour)

Crown Wood (Town Ward) - Jodie Christas Watts (Labour)

Garth (Town Ward) - Anna Marie Keen (Labour)

Garth (Town Ward) - Ellen Machale (Labour)

Great Hollands North (Town Ward) - Naheed Ejaz (Labour)

Great Hollands North (Town Ward) - Mary Louise Temperton (Labour)

Great Hollands South (Town Ward) - Gerry Webb (Labour)

Great Hollands South (Town Ward) - Lucy Emma Young (Labour)

Hanworth (Town Ward) - Kathleen Mary Nugent (Labour)

Hanworth (Town Ward) - Jenny Penfold (Labour)

Harmans Water (Town Ward) - Donna Anne Sidebotham (Labour)

Harmans Water (Town Ward) - Cherise April Welch (Labour)

Jennetts Park - Jeffrey Charles Gillbe (Labour)

Jennetts Park - Kathryn Claire Neil (Labour)

Old Bracknell (Town Ward) - Paul Steven Bidwell (Labour)

Old Bracknell (Town Ward) - Guy Alexander Gillbe (Labour)

Priestwood (Town Ward) - Ryan George Frost (Labour)

Priestwood (Town Ward) - Imara Amy Yorkstone Wright (Labour)

Town Centre and The Parks - Adu Adutwum-Quaye (Labour)

Town Centre and The Parks - Roy John Bailey (Labour)

Town Centre and The Parks - Megan Ruth Wright (Labour)

Wildridings (Town Ward) - Simon Montague Carter (Labour)

Wildridings (Town Ward) - Helen Amelia Purnell (Labour)


Crowthorne Parish Council

Crowthorne East - Jeff Allen (Conservative)

Crowthorne East - Simon John Butterworth (Conservative)

Crowthorne East - Tina Eberle (Liberal Democrat)

Crowthorne East - Neil Roland Kilvert (Conservative)

Crowthorne East - Elizabeth Hazel Denise Storm (Conservative)

Crowthorne West - Tina McKenzie-Boyle (Conservative)

Crowthorne West - Gail Robertson (Conservative)

Crowthorne West - Nicholas Ian Robertson (Conservative)

Crowthorne West - Bob Wade (Conservative)

Crowthorne West - Peter Stanley Wood (Conservative)


Binfield Parish Council

Binfield North - Mark Alexander Feazey

Binfield North - Andrew John Fish

Binfield North - Ian William Leake (Conservative)

Binfield South - Steve Collett (Independent)

Binfield South - Hilary Doyle (Independent)

Binfield South - David John Ellis (Independent)

Binfield South - Matthew Allen Oliver Furber

Binfield South    Katherine Giles


Sandhurst Town Council

Central Sandhurst (Town) - Janice Alves De Sousa (Conservative)

Central Sandhurst (Town) - Michael Richard Brossard (Conservative)

Central Sandhurst (Town) - Sheila Davenport (Conservative)

Central Sandhurst (Town) - Sophie Louise Forster (Liberal Democrat)

Central Sandhurst (Town) - Mike Forster (Liberal Democrat)

Central Sandhurst (Town) - Parm Panesar (Conservative)

College Town (Town) - Nick Allen (Conservative)

College Town (Town) - Mike Butcher (Conservative)

College Town (Town) - Ben Ian Jeffrey Hutchinson (Liberal Democrat)

College Town (Town) - Margaret Mossom (Conservative)

College Town (Town) - Leigh Sharon Quigg (Liberal Democrat)

College Town (Town) - Philip Geoffrey Thompson - (Liberal Democrat)

Little Sandhurst (Town) - Jean Margaret Bettison (Conservative)

Little Sandhurst (Town) - Paul David Bettison (Conservative)

Little Sandhurst (Town) - Dale Philip Birch (Conservative)

Little Sandhurst (Town) - Graham Edward Birch (Conservative)

Little Sandhurst (Town) - Christopher Leonard Ives (Liberal Democrat)

Little Sandhurst (Town) - Steve Thomas (Conservative)

Owlsmoor (Town) - Diane Elizabeth Allum Wilson (Labour)

Owlsmoor (Town) - Preety Limbu (Conservative)

Owlsmoor (Town) - Ray Mossom (Conservative)


Warfield Parish Council

Quelm - Stuart Christopher Carey (Independent)

St Michael's - Mark Jones

Warfield East and Park - Colleen Dulieu (Independent)

Warfield East and Park - Catherine Carole Thorin (Independent)

Whitegrove - Gareth Michael Barnard

Whitegrove - Iain Alexander McCracken

Whitegrove - Grant David Strudley


Winkfield Parish Council

Ascot Priory - Vicki Browne

Ascot Priory - Dorothy Andrea Susan Hayes (Conservative)

Ascot Priory - Otto Maximillian Lazar

Ascot Priory - Geoff Paxton

Forest Park - Olivio Baretto (Independent)

Forest Park - Kevin Roy Buchler (Conservative)

Forest Park - Colin Reginald Dudley (Conservative)

Forest Park - Pete Frewer (Labour)

Forest Park - Michael Karim (Labour)

Martins Heron and Warren with Swinley Forest - Gerry Barber (Conservative)

Martins Heron and Warren with Swinley Forest - Ash Merry (Conservative)

Martins Heron and Warren with Swinley Forest - Robert David Warren (Independent)

Winkfield and Cranbourne (Parish) - Nigel John Atkinson

Winkfield and Cranbourne (Parish) - Terry Blakemore (Independent)

Winkfield and Cranbourne (Parish) - Christopher Ehinger (Independent)

Winkfield and Cranbourne (Parish) - Moira Kathleen Gaw

Winkfield and Cranbourne (Parish) - Derek Norman Wall