Wokingham has been named the second cleanest area in the UK, according to new study.

Data, released by Utility Bidder, has revealed the top 10 cleanest areas in the UK with Wokingham coming in second, after County Durham.

Milton Keynes, Bath and North East Somerset, and Warwick make up the top five.

Wokingham scored an overall cleanliness score of 7.79 out of 10.

The study states that Wokingham scored “consistently well across the board”, including the low carbon dioxide emissions.

A statement from the study said: “A high ‘Clean and Tidy’ score of 83 /100, paired with the lowest number of annual searches for ‘recycling near me’ per 100,000 residents suggests that this community are clued up when it comes to cleanliness.”

The area’s green areas and parks have been given a quality score of 75/100.

County Durham, who came in first place, has spent £20.4 billion per 100,000 people on environmental services - more than any other area in the UK. This is compared to the £9.6 billion being spent in Wokingham.

Read the full study here.