The Bracknell Liberal Democrats have responded to suggestions they had “snubbed” climate campaigners’ request for information.

The Conservatives, Labour and the Green Party all responded last week after the Bracknell Climate Action Group (BCAG) asked them for statements on how they propose to boost the council’s work on climate issues. But at that time, the group had not had a response from the Lib Dems.

It came ahead of local elections set for May 4, where every seat on Bracknell Forest Council is up for grabs.

Now the Liberal Democrats have clarified that the person who had received BCAG’s request had missed it due to being away.

Bracknell Lib Dem chair Mike Forster told the Local Democracy Reporting Service: “For me climate change is the most pressing issue that our nation faces.” He added that the Lib Dems had been “very supportive” of Labour’s push earlier this year to get Bracknell Forest Council to declare a climate emergency.

Forster added that the Liberal Democrats’ priorities would be to get the council to adopt the Science Based Targets Initiative, which guides organisations towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

He also said the council should look at how its long term infrastructure projects can become carbon neutral, such as by finding alternatives to concrete, and “develop and mature our renewable energy strategy.”

And, he said, the Lib Dems want the council to help residents reduce their impact on the climate to. “The key thing is how we can insulate our homes, reduce the amount of water that we use.

“We want to see big insulation programmes, particularly in areas where people can’t necessarily afford it themselves.”

In responses to the BCAG request, the Labour Party said it would “pledge to develop a measurable, ambitious target-driven strategy for reducing emissions across the borough”.

The Labour spokesperson went on to say they would be active in involving Bracknell Forest residents and businesses to reduce carbon emissions in the borough.

They claimed they would also press the government to ensure new developments have EV charging points and that they are built in such a way that houses can remain cool.

Labour has also pledged to increase the number of journeys made by walking, cycling and public transport.

They also are committed to increasing the borough’s biodiversity with mixed-tree planting and ensuring that new developments increase wildlife habitats.

The Greens said they would tackle the issue with a cross-party Climate Change and Environmental Scrutiny Committee.

And Conservative council leader Paul Bettison said the council “implemented a whole borough strategy (for the borough area), to address climate change. The strategy addresses the climate emergency, having measurable and ambitious targets. These targets are monitored regularly, in public, and by the full council, via an annual report.”