THOUGH surrounded by security, Buckingham Palace has been the subject of several crimes throughout the years from trespassing to arson.

Here are a few crimes that have appeared in London courts recently:


A man received a jail sentence after scaling two fences to gain access to Buckingham Palace on December 18, 2021.

Daniel Brydges was founded four days later ‘stooped’ behind a Land Rover near The Royal Mews Gate.

The 33-year-old had previously been stopped under the Terrorism Act while trying to get into the Palace grounds on December 11 and twice on November 15 the same year.

Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard he was ‘fixated’ on the grounds.

Brydges, of Laburnum Grove, Portsmouth, was sentenced to 12 weeks in jail suspended for 18 months.

He was also required to complete mental health treatment and must pay £620 in court costs and a £128 victim surcharge.


A 30-year-old man was caught on October 20 last year setting fire to the gates of Buckingham Palace.

Christian Gheorghe, of no fixed abode, caused £300 of damage by starting the blaze shortly after 10pm.

He pleaded guilty to one count of arson earlier this year and awaits sentencing.


Near Buckingham Palace, a man was jailed for placing on a public telephone pole an advert relating to prostitution.

Ahsan Siddiqi, of Crofters Way, Camden, was jailed for 18 weeks for placing the advert on a police in Buckingham Palace Road on September 28 last year.

The 57-year-old pleaded guilty to the offence at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.


No crimes have been reported for Windsor Castle recently nor have their been any defendants who have appeared in court with the same name as King Charles III - Charles Windsor.