Over £2,500 has been raised to help a Binfield cat receive treatment after being hit with a mysterious illness has caused her cat to experience deteriorating health.

Misty, six, was initially diagnosed with feline asthma when her respiratory difficulties and chronic cough first appeared.

Following months of steroids, inhalers and a variety of tests to diagnose her worsening breathing difficulties, urgent specialist treatment has been suggested.

Despite working six days a week as a paralegal, the cost of further medical care has become a struggle for owner Caitlin who has now reached out to members of the community for help.

However, after our initial story was published nearly one month ago, £2,535 has been donated towards the £7,500 goal.

Caitlin Pinkney said: “Misty is young, she is only six, and she is strong.

“We have developed such a special bond over the last few years and to lose her would be devastating.

“She is cuddly, sassy, kooky and she brings me so much happiness. Even the thought of her being in pain is just so heart-breaking.”

To donate to the cause, go to https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-get-misty-urgent-treatment-to-save-her-life.