Officers were called to support a resident who had forgotten their keys.

Wokingham Neighbourhood Policing Team has recapped this week (beginning March 20) in the community.

From tackling anti-social behaviour in Woodley Precinct and Woodford Park around school kick-out times, to gathering intelligence for all departments, including the roads policing and tasking team - the team has had a busy week.

Officers supported residents in the Wokingham area, including ones that forget their keys and getting locked out in the rain.

They also attended Highwood School to speak to the pupils about theft and attended Windsor Guard Change.

While on the road they stopped a driver with no insurance and assisted the Incident Crime Response Teams with searching for suspicious vehicles and missing people.

A spokesperson from Thames Valley Police Wokingham and Bracknell: "This is just some of the incidents we have dealt with.

"Now it’s time for some rest before starting again next week."