A group of Ascot residents have been praised for ‘saving the life’ of their neighbour who sustained a serious head injury in a ‘horrific accident’.

Lee-Ann Maritz (52) of Ruston Way found herself on the ground bleeding after taking a fall onto a concrete curb in her driveway.

Postman, Lee Wilson, retired GP John Stone, neighbour Ron Brown and next-door neighbour John rushed to help Lee-Ann when they became aware of her plight.

Lee-Ann said: “I'm not sure if I lost my balance or footing but my head hit the concrete curb and next I know I was on the ground with blood all over my hands, dripping down my neck and onto my white Chanel jacket.

“I rolled onto my back because I was aware of my spinal implant and tried to stand. At the time there was no one in sight so I rang the door of my next door neighbour but they were not home.

“It was then that I saw my postman in the road and I signalled for help. Some of my other next door neighbours came out and I shouted for help while the postman Lee called 999.

“I remember I had a retired GP who lived in our street so suggested we should go knock on his door. Between my 3 neighbour and the postman the ambulance services were called. They arrived in less than 20min.”

Upon arriving, the group got Lee-Ann into the house and out of the cold before the three paramedics turned up.

Four days of brain rest and a very banged up body later and she is on the mend with even more appreciation for her neighbours and the people in her community.

Lee-Ann added: “I honestly believe that these four people saved my life by coming together the way they did.

“Often in an emergency situation people forget all the first aid training that they have been taught but these four plus the three female paramedics worked together to make sure I was safe.

“I am just so grateful to them all. After everything that happened I feel that it has all brought us closer as neighbours and created a bond.”

“They all need some recognition for everything that they have done for me because not everyone would have stayed and helped. They stayed with me right to the very end and made sure I was OK.”