A duo of strongmen took part in the Surrey Half-Marathon in memory of their friend who passed away during a triathlon last year.

As a warm-up to their ultimate London Marathon world record attempt, Lloyd Packer completed the race in 2 hours and 2 minutes dressed in a giant beer costume.

Alongside his friend, Neil Clark, the two managed to break the world record for the half-marathon dressed in a beer costume at the Surrey race on Sunday, March 12.

Neil Clark said: “This race was a warm-up for the much more challenging London Marathon next month to smooth out all the kinks.

“We knew it would be hard but we managed to beat the Guinness World Record which was set at two hours and 15 minutes.

“Because Lloyd was in a costume, it meant that he couldn’t see where there were speed bumps or obstacles so I have to help him along the way.

“Despite that we managed to keep a good speed and break the record.”

Andy Hey, who was a dedicated member of the Wildriding’s community, passed away during the Staffordshire Strongman triathlon surrounded by his friends and athletes.

Following his sad death, a variety of charity events have taken place in Andy’s memory with the purpose of creating a memorial sports ground at Wildriding’s School.

Neil, who was with Andy when he died has dedicated his time over the last year to keeping his memory alive.

Neil explained: “It was so lovely on the day. Lots of Andy’s friends and family came down to Surrey to cheer us on with banners and lots of support. It was actually quite emotional, and we received a few more donations.

“When people pass away, there is often a lot of support around the funeral and then it petters off after a few months.

“We are here for the long run to keep his memory alive and make sure there is something that will be here for future generations to remember him.

“So far, the Field of Dreams campaign has raised £14,000 out of the £50,000 target with donations from friends and family, Queens Park Rangers, the Ironman Foundation and a company called Project One who donated £500.”

If you wish to support the Field of Dreams campaign, click Andy Hey Memorial Fund - JustGiving