A cat owner from Binfield has said she is ‘absolutely devastated’ after a mysterious illness has caused her cat to experience deteriorating health.

Misty, 6, was initially diagnosed with feline asthma when her respiratory difficulties and chronic cough first appeared.

Following months of steroids, inhalers and a variety of tests to diagnose her worsening breathing difficulties, urgent specialist treatment has been suggested.

Despite working six days a week as a paralegal, the cost of further medical care has become a struggle for owner Caitlin who has now reached out to members of the community for help.

Caitlin Pinkney said: “Misty is young, she is only 6 and she is strong. We have developed such a special bond over the last few years and to lose her would be devastating.

“She is cuddly, sassy, kooky and she brings me so much happiness. Even the thought of her being in pain is just so heart-breaking.

“I am desperate to do anything possible to understand what is causing her to be unwell and give her a chance to receive treatment and recover.”

Over £1.8K has already been spent on x-rays, blood test, appointments, and medication for Misty’s care by Caitlin, her parents and her housemate who has also developed a close bond with Misty.

According to owner, Caitlin, this specialist treatment is sudden and expensive with another initial £1.3K needed for further investigations in the next few days.

The Go Fund Me that has been set up to raise money for Misty’s treatment is to help pay for veterinary investigations with a specialist in the hopes of diagnosing her respiratory problems before she deteriorates further.

So far £2,000 has been raised to help with specialist and sudden medical costs that may arise.

Caitlin added: “I am so overwhelmed by the support that I have received already. I think that it really resonates with people who also have animals who they have developed that special bond with.

“I already work 6 days a week and simply cannot get the money together quickly enough, and it seems as though time is not on our side in this situation.

“The support that I feel from the community is just so extraordinary. I think that animals have the power to bring people together because of the love that they provide.”

The Go Fund Me states: “If you can forgo a coffee or a pint, bring a sarnie to work instead of getting a meal deal, or skip your weekly takeaway and donate the money to this fundraiser instead, it would make a huge difference in what veterinary care she can receive and how quickly she can receive it.”

If you wish to donate to help Misty with her medical costs click Fundraiser by Caitlin Pinkney : Help get Misty urgent treatment to save her life (gofundme.com)