A pony was discovered by police in Crowthorne this week during patrols of the area.

Officers from the Bracknell and Wokingham branch posted on their social media that they were called to Nine Mile Ride after eagle eyed members of the public spotted the animal.

So far, police have been unable to track the owner and have reached out to people in the area who may have further information.

The post that was posted on the TVP Bracknell and Wokingham Facebook page said: “Officers were called yesterday morning to reports of this little one horsing around on Nine Mile Ride in Crowthorne (the horse not the Officer!) 

“Despite our best efforts, Neighhhbody has claimed the horse. If you know the owner, please get in contact so we can arrange their safe return.

“Please call TVP on 101 quoting INC- 20230301-0201.”

Members of the public commented on the post in an attempt to find the owner of this adorable animal.

One person said that they may know the owner and able to put them in contact.

They said: “Might live down or near Nine Mile Ride Extension as I’m sure I’ve met this little one when being walked with a couple of others by their owner’s daughter. 

TVP Bracknell and Wokingham PM me, I can send you a pic of her with them if not already been reunited- I’ll forget by am.”

Others offered to home the pony if no-one came forward.

One such reader said: “I can take him/her if needing a home/somewhere at my retirement home for horses.”