A FORMER Bracknell GP on trial for several indecent assault charges allegedly told a young girl she was a ‘special patient’ after touching her breasts.

Stephen Cox, used to work at Ralph Rides Surgery now known as the Waterfield Practice, has been charged with eight counts of indecent assault on seven different women between 1990 and 1997.

The retired 62-year-old, now of Marton, Welshpool in Shropshire, denies all the allegations.

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However, speaking behind a screen at Reading Crown Court today (March 1), one of Cox’s previous patients recalled how he made her feel ‘uncomfortable’ by allegedly ‘cupping’ her breasts and stroking her thighs.

She predicts that she was around the age of 11 to 13 at the time of incidents.

“I remember being [sat] on the stretcher and he would position himself between my legs and I remember thinking, ‘This is really uncomfortable’ and he would say I was his ‘special patient’.

“He had a stethoscope so he approached me to listen to my chest with his other hand between my legs and I remember him breathing quite heavily and his hands were really clammy.

“I was a young girl and I just remember he was so close and cupping my breast as he listened and I remember thinking this wasn’t comfortable.”

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The witness said most of her appointments she attended with her parents but alleged that Cox would ‘stand in way’ of her mum’s view during examinations or put up a screen if it was her dad saying she was ‘a growing girl’.

She added that after one appointment Cox allegedly told her she could call him ‘anytime’ even if there wasn’t a problem.

During an examination where the witness was getting a suspected mole in her eye checked out, she said Cox had allegedly rubbed her upper thighs.

“He had both hands on my legs and started to rub them up and down and moved his hands in between. I remember just standing up really quickly and thinking, ‘Oh my God you don’t need to do that.”

She recalled Cox had allegedly asked her ‘not to go’ and rubbed her back as she tried to leave.

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“I felt scared,” she said. “I just felt so vulnerable I only went to see him for a mole in my eye. I remember telling my mum and dad that I didn’t want to see him again and almost disbelieved it still.

“Did that really happen? He’s a doctor, I was a young teenager what did I know?”

The trial continues.