Hundreds of Paperchase employees up and down the country have been dealt a heavy blow after the stationary shops parent company fell into administration.

Although Tesco’s has announced that they have bought the brand and intellectual property, there is a fear of potential closure of stores and redundancies up and down the country.

This includes the Bracknell Paperchase store which is located in the Lexicon offering it’s unique brand of stationary to locals.

After hearing of the news, our readers took to facebook to voice their views on the stores potential closure.

Considered one of the town’s best shops by both Karen Alsop and Caroline O’Grady, many a Bracknell shopper will be ‘sad to see it go’ if the popular stationary store does disappear from the high street.

Bracknell News:

However, a popular opinion from readers was that, although disappointed, it was not surprising due to the overpriced nature of their merchandise.

George Froud said: “All these shops are vastly overpriced and then wonder why they go in to administration.”

Another Bracknell shopper added: “It’s way to over priced just like all the other shops you build and take down! All we want is a B&M we need cheaper shops!!!

“Even pound land their stuff isn’t even a pound anymore for most of it! We need cheaper shops!”

Although this is a nationwide brand, one such reader, David Adams added that he wasn’t aware that the renowned store had a location in Bracknell.

He said: “Maybe they should’ve done more advertising  didn’t even know the shop existed.”

Although Tescos has bought the intellectual property and name of the brand following administration, this potentially does not include the stores and staff.

Many felt for the employees that unfortunately are potentially facing redundancy.

Sophie Walker said: “I feel for the people who work for them who will now lose their jobs, but the company itself is extremely questionable for not paying artists and also stealing artwork.”