The owner of a five star rated kebab van who feared for the future of the business near Bracknell town centre has learned whether she can pitch it up again.

Anil Bunker is the owner of B&B Plus Kebab van which is located in Crowthorne Road North in Bracknell.

But problems for her began when she was unable to pitch up in Crowthorne Road North due to a road closure, which began on November 7, 2022.

During the time the works were in place, in December, Ms Anil learned that her licence to trade had expired, and is potentially in jeopardy as work is being undertaken to build 52 homes at Cooper’s Hill.

These homes are being built on the site of the old Cooper’s Hill Youth Centre site, which has since been demolished.

Eager to re-establish the van in it’s known location, Ms Bunker had to submit a licence to trade application to Bracknell Forest Council, which was discussed at a meeting of its licensing appeal panel on Monday, January 30.

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Damian James, assistant director for contract services, said: “The licensing panel met on January 30 to consider the renewal of the trading consent for B&B kebab van.

“The panel, having reviewed the application and considered this against all relevant trading consents and policies, agreed that a renewal would be granted to run from the date the layby is re-opened and for a period of six months.”

Crowthone Road North is due to reopen on Saturday, February 4, according to roadworks website One Network.

When B&B Plus Kebab is back, it is expected to be trading from 6.30pm to midnight Monday to Thursday, and 6.30pm to 1.30am on Fridays.

Street trading licences can be issued for a year, six months or a complete month which begins on the date of the issue of the licence.

Bracknell News: The Coopers Hill site in Crowthorne Road North, near Bracknell town centre. Credit: Google MapsThe Coopers Hill site in Crowthorne Road North, near Bracknell town centre. Credit: Google Maps

The decision to grant the licence was made by councillors Ian Leake (Conservative, Binfield with Warfield), Michael Brossard (Conservative, Central Sandhurst) and Nick Allen (Conservative, College Town).

Summarising their decision, cllr Leake said: “In making the decision, the panel took account of the following key points: there have been no complaints from current consultees in relation to the business practices.

“There have been no representations made by the police, fire authority of licensing authorities.”

There were concerns that the kebab van would have an impact on the amenity of future occupants of the Coopers Hill site.

The homes are being built by the Bracknell Forest Cambium Partnership, a joint venture between the council and developers Countryside.

The development is due to be completed and marketed this year.

The licence for B&B Plus Kebabs is expected to last until August, at which point Ms Bunker will have to apply for a licence to continue trading.