A Berkshire-based painter and business owner has gone viral on Tik Tok after creating the ultimate sun-rise wake-up videos.

Snow Windows is a design business that provides unique tailored spray snow concepts for homes and commercial settings during the festive period.

After a busy Christmas, early risers Tom (and wife Kerry) took to social media to showcase their work whilst the rest of the world dozes.

Tom Baker said: “The reason we started to develop these Tik Tok’s was because we wanted to start doing lives but unfortunately with two kids time is not in plentiful supply.

“I get up ridiculously early every morning and so I thought if I get up this early, other people must do as well. I thought it would be a good time to do something different and relaxing, especially first thing in the morning.

“I also have people who are watching from America who haven’t even gone to bed yet so we get quite a lot of viewers from across the pond.

Tom’s pieces include everything from his classic snow scenes that can be seen around Christmas to a Ford Mustang labelled ‘Midnight in LA’.

With seven years of experience, Tom has said that this has given him a change to create content in a relaxed setting when there is little movement in the house every morning.

He explained: “We only started it a week ago but so far everybody has been really positive. People are waking up and going to bed just watching a bit of art being done.”

“It’s also a really lovely way to wake up while I’m painting. After setting up the camera and having a cup of tea I just get to work.

“We put some relaxing music on and let people wake up easy.”

Featuring in windows at world famous venues like Lego Land, The Shard and Harrods, this Sandhurst resident has worked his way up through the years.

With no painting background to speak of, everything has been self-taught for this talented artist.

Online snow painting classes have also been introduced this month for people who would like to try their hand at the art.

Baker said: “We’ve got 30 people who have started the classes on the 16th of January and everyone seems to be enjoying it. I’ve never taught before but it’s going really well.

“It made me think about what I do because I’ve never really thought about it in any depth. Breaking it down for other people to learn and making tasks and exercises to be able to practice was the hardest part but so far everyone is improving.”