An adorable puppy was reunited with its owners this week after patrolling police officers spotted it running into traffic in Bracknell.

PCSO from Wokingham rescued the dog after seeing it running down Old Wokingham Road in Bracknell. 

The officers were later able to return the dog to the owner. 

Residents took to Facebook to praise the officers for their work and for getting the dog home safe and well after TVP Bracknell and Wokingham posted about it on social media.

Thames Valley Police said: “Wokingham North Neighbourhood PCSO's saved this dog down Old Wokingham Road, BRACKNELL today.

“As the PCSO's were driving down this road they noticed the dog running down the road and into traffic.

“He wasn't harmed during his adventure and has been returned to the owner.”

The rescue happened on Tuesday, January 24.