A dire election prediction for the Conservatives in Bracknell could see the party lose its MP and even its long-standing control of Bracknell Forest Council.

The Electoral Calculus is a political forecasting website which attempts to predict future UK elections based on polling.

According to website’s prediction, Conservative MP for Bracknell James Sunderland will be ousted from his seat by a Labour challenger at the next general election.

For the general election, the Electoral Calculus prediction has been made for the newly configured Bracknell constituency, which would be formed as part of the Boundary Commission for England’s review of constituency boundaries 2023.

The constituency would encompass all the Bracknell Town wards, Crowthorne and Sandhurst, but lose Wokingham Without and Finchampstead to a new Wokingham constituency.

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The prediction also bodes badly for the Conservatives ahead of the Local Elections in May this year, where the entirety of Bracknell Forest Council will be voted in.

If the Labour party wins all wards the Electoral Calculus has projected them to win, it could finish the elections with a total of 22 councillors – an increase of 18 seats compared to current four.

To achieve this, Labour would have to win in Bullbrook, Crown Wood, Great Hollands North and South, Old Bracknell, Priestwood and Garth and Wildridings & Central wards.

That’s assuming Labour wins these wards in their entirety, which is questionable as many of the wards are represented by long-standing Conservative councillors.

Nevertheless, it would mean Labour could seize control of Bracknell Forest Council for the first time since 1995-1997, when it was a non metropolitan district.

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But the Electoral Calculus prediction is based on a general election rather than a local election.

Councillor Paul Bidwell (Labour, Old Bracknell) said: “[winning all 22 seats] I think that’s unlikely.

“We have been looking at the calculus in our group, I’ve seen plenty of calculus predictions and they all look very positive for us, but I’m not sure how realistic they can be.

“We are very encouraged by what the polls are saying but polls have been wrong before and we are very cautious of that.

“We are working diligently to maximise results in what could be a very successful 2023.”

Bracknell News: Paul Bidwell, Labour councillor for the Old Bracknell ward on Bracknell Forest Council. Credit: Paul BidwellPaul Bidwell, Labour councillor for the Old Bracknell ward on Bracknell Forest Council. Credit: Paul Bidwell

He added that the Bracknell Labour party will be aggressively canvassing throughout the area during the election campaign.

But the Conservatives are expected to do well in the rural areas of Bracknell Forest, where they are predicted to hold onto council seats.

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If the 2023 constituency boundary review is confirmed the Bracknell Forest wards of Ascot, Binfield with Warfield and Winkfield & Cranbourne would all be incorporated into the newly formed Maidenhead constituency.

All of the seven seats in these wards are currently represented by Conservatives and are predicted to vote for the party in a future general election.