Two stolen dogs have been re-united with their owner after being found three years after disappearing.

The beagles were found wandering around Twyford by local council animal wardens and taken to the lcal vet.

Through their microchip, both dogs were traced backed to the original owner who was overjoyed to be reunited. 

It comes as a puppy and her mother was found abandoned on a Crowthorne Street just one day apart. 

An eight-week-old puppy and their mother have been re-homed after being found abandoned on a Crowthorne Street.

The council’s animal warden said: “There was some confusion at first because we rang him to say we had his dog and he told us ‘I know, I’m actually picking him up right now’. Eventually we both realised this was a different dog that had also been stolen.

“The gentleman was absolutely elated when the penny dropped and I know the rest of his family were thrilled to bits as well.

"There’s no question that the dog we picked up recognised his old owner immediately – he became very sprightly for a nine-year-old, which is getting on a bit in dog years.”

The council that dealt with this case handles up to 150 similar cases every year, including re-homing injured and abandoned dogs.

The animal wardens throughout the community are able to identify dogs that have gone missing and make sure treatment is sought by a local vet.

Through micro-chipping, which must legally be done by owners, it enables stolen or lost animals to be reunited with their owners more easily.

Cllr Ian Shenton, executive member for environment, sport and leisure, said: “Microchipping is extremely important, especially as dog theft has very sadly been on the increase.

“We’re so pleased to be able to help in these cases, and many more like it - but it wouldn’t be possible without this simple measure, which makes it so much easier to trace owners and get in touch with them when a beloved pet is found.

“As well as relieving the emotional burden on both families and their dogs, it saves public money by taking dogs out of our care as quickly as is safely possible. In every respect, it’s the responsible thing to do and such a small investment considering the huge benefits for your pet’s future safety and welfare.”