Households across the country are set to receive £400 of Government support to help with soaring energy costs starting from today.

The money, which is part of the Energy Bill Support Scheme announced in May this year will come in six instalments over six months to some 29 million households.

Households will not receive a one-off payment, instead they will see £66 taken off their energy bills in October and November, and £67 between December and March, the Government said.

This is how each energy company will be paying out the £400.

British Gas

British Gas, the country’s biggest energy supplier, are asking customers who pay by direct debit to pay as normal.

Customers will then receive the discount as payments directly into their bank account, spread over the course of six months.


Bulb customers will see their direct debit amounts reduced over the next six months in order to apply the £400 discount.

Customers on prepayment meters will see £400 credited to their electricity account.


EDF customers will receive their £400 in the same way as British Gas customers.

Those who pay by direct debit should continue to pay as normal and will then see monthly payments made directly to their bank account.

Customers who don’t pay by direct debit will see the rebate paid automatically into their energy account in the first week of every month.

SSE and Ovo Energy

SSE and Ovo Energy will pay the £400 discount into customers’ bank accounts in monthly instalments.

The payments will be made immediately after a direct debit payment is taken.

Those on prepayment meters will see the discounts credited to their meter.

Scottish Power

Bills for Scottish Power customers won’t change over the next six months, but payments will be made directly into their bank account following payments.

E.ON and E.ON Next

Customers who pay by direct debit that are on a fixed energy tariff will see the £400 deducted from their monthly payments.

If their bill comes to less than £66 or £67 a month, the bills will be reduced to £0 and money will be added to their account as credit.

Customers on variable tariffs will see the rebate added as credit at the end of each month.


The six payments will be added to your Utilita account as credit over the next six months, meaning your bill is reduced.

Customers on smart prepayment meters will be credited automatically, while those on traditional prepayment meters will receive the payments as vouchers.

Shell Energy

Direct debit customers will see the energy rebate deducted from their bills each month before their direct debit is taken.

Those who don’t pay by direct debit will also see their bills reduced each month, while smart prepayment customers will receive the money credited to their meter.

Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse will pay the energy rebate to their customers in the same way as Shell Energy.

Direct debits bills will be adjusted each month prior to payment being taken, so that your bills will be reduced by £66 or £67 each month.