Kate Middleton paid a subtle tribute to Her Majesty the Queen as the late monarch’s coffin arrived a Buckingham Palace on Tuesday evening.

The new Princess of Wales, the first since Princess Diana held the title, wore a three-pearl necklace, which was a nod to the late Queen, according to reports.

The necklace, featuring three strands of pearl, was a nod to the Queen’s favourite jewellery having grown fond of them as a child.

Speaking to the Express, Arseiny Budrevich, the founder of Budrevich Fine Jewellery Studio revealed the Queen may also have like them for another reason.

The expert explained how pearls “represent the aristocratic virtues of liberality, magnificence, and generosity”.

They added: “Pearls have been associated with class, elegance, and sophistication since the Ptolemaic dynasty in ancient Egypt, where the Royal family wore pearls to show their status.

“This tradition was then passed down through the holy Roman empire to the French monarchs who carried it into fashion in the middle ages, where it was subsequently dispersed through Europe. This is when the British empire picked up the style.”

What to expect from the Queen's funeral

The Queen will leave Buckingham Palace for the final time on Wednesday ahead of her lying in state.

The procession will leave the palace at 2.22pm and is expected to arrive at Westminster Hall at 3pm.

A service lasting around 20 minutes will be led by the Archbishop of Canterbury accompanied by the Dean of Westminster.

Mourners have already joined the queue to attend the Queen’s lying in state which begins at 5pm, continuing until 6.30am on Monday September 19, the day of the Queen’s funeral.

Government guidance says the queue is expected to be very long, with people standing for “many hours, possibly overnight” and with very little opportunity to sit down.