Another victim that has been caught up in a crypto scam has been told he is unlikely to recover his losses.

The scam begun with an unsolicited phone call asking the local victim if he was interested in investing in crypto currency.

After the call, he then started to receive emails from the fraudster giving him usernames and passwords to access an online Crypto Currency purchasing APP.

The victim of the scam soon transferred funds into a crypto currency wallet in which to store his investments.

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As he went to retrieve the money, he was told he would need to invest more money into the account in order to do so.

The bank is now investigating the 50 transactions that the victim has made through this scam.

Thames Valley Police have issued a warning saying: “Please be alert. If you wish to make investments, start with reccomendations of companies and investment advisors from the banl - and not - someone who cold calls you on the phone!!!"