A bid of nearly £4m in government grants for the relocation of a library was submitted by the council, a Freedom of Information (FOI) request revealed. 

Bracknell Forest Council petitioned for £3,841,578 in Levelling Up Funds (LUF) to relocate Bracknell Central Library from the town centre to a new location in Princess Square. 

An FOI was submitted to obtain the applications made by the council to try and secure the ‘Phase 2’ LUF's, which are designed to help communities by putting money directly into the hands of councils to invest in local infrastructure projects. 

The council claims in the application that situating the library in Princess Square will "drive increased footfall” through the shopping centre due to “tens of thousands” of registered library members. 

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It states this will help “attract new businesses” into Princess Square and “support the ambition for The Deck” to enhance the town’s economy. 

A seperate bid was submitted for £5m in LUF’s were requested for the completion of The Deck – a new leisure and shopping quarter proposed as part of the town centre regeneration plan. 

The application notes that the successful delivery of the library is “dependent on the confirmation of delivery of the Deck” and the benefits of the relocation would be “fundamentally constrained” without it.  

A further £426,842 from Bracknell Forest Council capital reserves is needed for the project, which the application states have “already been raised” with the finance department and subsequently confirmed.