Police have issued advice to owners of keyless cars following a spate of thefts locally. 

Several homes in Ascot, Sunningdale and Sunninghill have been targeted over the past month.

Thieves are able to steal expensive motors using smart electrical devices to gain access to the vehicles. SA

But there are ways to make sure your keyless car stays on your driveway. 

Jon Morris, police administrator for Bracknell, said: “Increasingly modern cars that have keyless entry and ignition systems are proving to be a particular target, as thieves can utilise electronic scanners to copy and mimic the vehicle’s actual key in order to get into and start a car without causing any damage.

“Keyless entry and ignition works by the vehicle's key fob constantly transmitting an electronic signal which can be picked up by a receiver in the car when the two get close to each other. If you own such a car and leave your key within range anyone can open the doors and start the engine.

“Generally taking the key further away from the car will stop the signal being detected by the car.

“When at home if you leave your car outside and the car key near to the external walls, doors or windows an offender can pick up the signal on a handheld scanner which can then be transmitted or boosted to your car, allowing an apparently secure vehicle to be entered and stolen off the driveway.

“A simple way of preventing your key’s signal leaking out and being picked up by a thief is to store your key in a tin. If you would want a more attractive solution there are specially made pouches to put the key in when not driving.

Police also recommend owners of such cars also consider utilising tried and tested forms of physical security

Examples are:

  • An overt wheel clamp or Steering lock – either of which are readily available at motorist stores
  • A concealed “kill switch” to prevent the engine from starting – a relatively easy installation
  • Installing a rising/ folding security bollard to block your driveway
  • Parking so your car is blocked in my other vehicles