A Winkfield restaurant has hit back after being awarded a two-out-of-five food hygiene rating.

The Old Hatchet, on Hatchet Lane, Winkfield was inspected on June 29 2022 by an examiner from the Food Standards Agency.

The pub and restaurant which has recently been taken over by it's new owners is a popular and well-known venue for locals and visitors alike.

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After being inspected, their hygienic food handling and management of food safety was deemed ‘generally satisfactory’, however the standards and condition of the facilities and building was said to 'need improvement' according to the website.

The News spoke to the establishment's manager about this recent hygiene rating.

He said: “I’m from North America and the food standards there are different. We implemented those that we knew from where we are from and did ask the council for help as well."

“I do admit that I didn’t have the correct paperwork ready which is one thing that is important for them to see during the inspection.

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According to the local pub, they 'lost a lot of money during Covid due to loss of business and are currently doing their best to build the business back up and provide the best quality of service possible’.

The manager added: “We do pride ourselves for our food safety and quality, and invite anyone to come down to visit us and see the amount we are doing to improve standards.”

The business has asked to be re-assessed by food hygiene with help from the council.