Bracknell has been the home to some incredible local pubs through the years.

From memories of under-age drinking, to watching their child take their first steps, our readers looked back on all those special times they could remember while frequenting their favourite Bracknell pubs and bars that are lost to the ages.

Over the years, so many of our beloved establishments have left us. Either from being knocked down, falling into disrepair or being replaced by housing developments.

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We asked our readers to look back through the years on what long lost Bracknell pubs that they missed the most.

The amount of crazy and heart warming memories that came from this has brought back a sense of nostalgia for this reporter about growing up in a small town.

The most popular bars and pups from our readers are below:

The Jolly Farmer, Binfield

According to readers, this used to be a popular regular for the people of Bracknell and surrounding areas.

Dave Start reminisced about his days at The Jolly Farmer saying: “No lager, two bars , no fruit machines, no piped music, no TV and a bloke belting it out on a Saturday Night and beer pulled straight from the barrel behind a curtain. Proper pub with an array of characters . Now a house unfortunately.”

Bracknell News:

A Bracknell resident, Keith Lewis remembers his times there while working behind the bar.

In 1971, The Jolly Farmer provided a float for the local carnival according to pub goers who remember staying in the pub until the early hours.

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Red Lion

The Red Lion was another popular pub in Bracknell throughout the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Great music, company and location made this a regular for many throughout Bracknell.

Bracknell News: Bracknell central library archiveBracknell central library archive


The Winkfield Pub

This Winkfield institution once stood tall and proud as a popular watering hole throughout the community.

For years, friends, families and vistors would visit the Winkfield Pub to celebrate or just grab a pint with good company.

Claire Hawkins remembers her time there when the pub was in it’s prime. She said: “Gutted it’s gone. Both my children took their first steps in there, family parties there, now boarded up ready for land to be turned into houses -such a shame.”

Rob Readings also remembers having his wedding reception here in 1996 and being part of their darts team for a few seasons.

The Blue Lion

Bracknell News:

The Blue Lion, that stood on Broad Lane was said to be a proper locals only pub with fantastic karaoke nights for all to enjoy.

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The Running Horse

The Running Horse, when it was simply a pub in the 90’s was jammed packed on Friday and Saturday nights, according to pub goers.

One of our readers, Rob Readings remembered his parents running it in 1982 to 1987 before it changed into a restaurant.

Other places that have been lost to the ages, that our readers raved about are:

  • The Market Inn
  • The Bull
  • The Cranbourne Towers
  • The station pub, Ascot
  • Frisco Jacks
  • The Wildridings pub
  • The Bridge House
  • The Old Manor
  • Cider House
  • The Boot