The results from the NHS national patients survey have been published and it’s all looking up for The Evergreen Practice in Bracknell.

Although national and local averages have dropped a substantial amount, this popular GP has managed to jump to first place, 16% above the local average.

This is two places above their 2021 score and only a 1 percent drop in patient satisfaction of overall customer experience. Incredible considering the Gainsborough Practice dropped 20 percent in their customer satisfaction levels and are now below average.

Office Manager, Shikha Singh said: “We are so pleased that we are performing so well in our patients’ eyes.

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“The reason that this is because we have very good accessibility of services. Our clinicians and GP staff are always available for our patients.

In the last year, the local average for an overall ‘good’ customer experience at their GP has dropped from 82% to 70%. This substantial drop is the result of poor patient care, long waiting time and unavailability of their GP’s.

Shikha added: “There are so many people leaving the NHS due to retirement or redundancy. There is definitely more people leaving than there are coming into the NHS as Doctors and nurses.

“This means that there aren’t enough GP’s to see the amount of patients that are in one surgery.

“In the current climate staff sickness is also a big factor and at an all time high. There is only so much stress that you can take on and so many NHS staff are getting burnt out because of it and taking early retirement.”