The contentious relocation of Finchampstead War Memorial has started despite fierce objections by a local community group. 

The plan has been the subject of a battle between Finchampstead Parish Council and the Save the Memorial Team (SMT) since plans to relocate the Grade II listed landmark were first set out. 

Reasons cited for the moving of the monument include its “dangerous” location and for reasons of public safety during the annual Remembrance Day parade. 

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Cllr Graham Jukes claimed the police will no longer close the roads for the parade so there is “no way” the council would support a procession. 

The SMT disagreed with this due to it being conducted there “for years”. The group also claims the £60,000 cost is “unacceptable” and expressed “disapproval” of the chosen relocation site. 

It is being removed from its current site, at the intersection of Jubilee Road and Rectory Hill, to a verge outside Memorial Park – losing its listed status in the process.